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Kentucky Derby

Hickory Hills Events

May 3rd – 5th


This event runs from May 3rd to May 5th

Experience the Thrill of the Kentucky Derby with a Unique Twist: Camp Under the Stars at Hickory Hills!

Imagine a vibrant and lively scene capturing the essence of the Kentucky Derby, known for its rich traditions, thrilling horse races, and elegant fashion. In the foreground, we see a beautifully illustrated campground setting within Hickory Hills, offering a cozy and inviting atmosphere for campers. The campground is dotted with modern tents, campfires, and RVs nestled among lush greenery, indicating a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and comfort.

The background features iconic symbols of the Kentucky Derby, such as majestic horses in mid-race, cheering crowds, and the iconic twin spires of Churchill Downs under a clear, blue sky, symbolizing the excitement and energy of the event. The scene is vibrant, filled with the colors of spring—greens, blues, and the floral hats reminiscent of Derby fashion.

Incorporate elements that suggest the uniqueness of watching the Derby from a campground, such as a large outdoor screen amidst the camping area, where guests gather in a communal, festive atmosphere, blending the thrill of the race with the tranquility of nature.

The image should evoke a sense of anticipation and joy, inviting viewers to experience the Kentucky Derby in an unforgettable way at Hickory Hills, making it clear that it’s not just an event but a memorable adventure combining the best of sports, nature, and community.

The Gauthier Family

Join us for a retreat that goes beyond camping – it’s an invitation to experience the uplifting spirit of a place that truly cares about making your time here extraordinary.

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