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Welcome to Hickory Hills, Your Home Away From Home

At Hickory Hills, we blend the spirit of the Northwoods with the convenience of proximity to Madison, WI. Managed lovingly by the Gauthier family since 2022, our campground is a haven for families and friends seeking a retreat into nature without straying far from home.

Our Backstory

Family Owned Since 2022

A Family's Journey: The Gauthier's Take the Helm at Hickory Hills Campground

In the picturesque town of Edgerton, Wisconsin, a new chapter unfolded for the Gauthier family in May 2022 as they became the proud owners of Hickory Hills Campground. Joanne and Chris Gauthier, accompanied by their children Ollie, Peter, Lettie, and Jack, embarked on a journey that saw them transition from their established careers to campground ownership.

The story begins in April of 2021 when Joanne’s friend Ron Romens, along with Bud Styer, purchased the campground. Ron and Bud, friends of over 30 years, took the reins of Hickory Hills with enthusiasm. Little did they know that their venture would set the stage for the Gauthier family’s future.

Joanne, initially employed as the activities coordinator in May 2021, had a unique goal in mind – to earn extra income for a large T-shirt press. However, destiny had other plans for her and her family. By June 2021, Ron and Bud began discussing the idea of the Gauthier family taking over the campground. The prospect gained momentum, and by August, the decision to move forward with the purchase was made.

This marked a significant change for Joanne, who left her job of 28 years at the University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research. As the administrator of the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program and coordinator of the Center’s Dairy Short Courses, Joanne transitioned from the academic world to the vibrant atmosphere of campground ownership.

In October, Chris joined the team after nearly three decades as an IATSE Stage Hand and Business Agent of Local 251. The Gauthiers, now fully committed to their new venture, navigated through the challenges and responsibilities that came with campground ownership.

May 2022 brought the culmination of their efforts as the paperwork was signed, officially transferring ownership to the Gauthier family. Chris and Joanne, along with Ollie, Peter, Lettie, and Jack, found themselves at the helm of Hickory Hills Campground.

Ollie, fully immersed in the family business, takes on various roles – from parking campers to delivering gravel, working in the store, and warmly welcoming guests throughout the park. Peter focuses on tasks such as installing black tanks and leveling campers, ensuring a smooth experience for campers. Lettie, a versatile team member, contributes to the store, leads crafts, and efficiently cleans rental units. Jack, with responsibilities in the store and overseeing the readiness of the jumping pillow, ensures that the campground remains a haven for kids.

Meet the Gauthiers!

Being family-owned is not just a label; it’s a commitment to providing genuine and heartfelt hospitality. The Gauthier Family takes pride in curating an environment where the values of family, warmth, and positivity shine through in every aspect of your stay.

The Gauthier family acknowledges that this transformative journey wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of their family and friends. 

As a family-owned business operated by the Gauthier Family, we take pride in creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. We don't just provide a place to stay; we offer a heartwarming experience for families and friends, making every moment unforgettable.

Come and Be a Part of the Hickory Hills Family

We believe that happiness is contagious, and at Hickory Hills Campground, we’re dedicated to spreading joy, one experience at a time. As a family-owned and operated haven, our mission revolves around making people feel good and creating memories that last a lifetime.